I Live For My Work

In 2012 I started my computerised artwork due to my disability leaving me bed-riden and out of options. I put my pain into my work and it's led me to digital design.

Now I am significantly more able, but my graphic design is still my passion and inspires me throughout my life. Day to day I'm doing things I love, but a creative idea inspired by the world around me is never far behind.

One of my biggest inspirations is wheelchair basketball, which has become my escape from my phisical limitations. There are always moments in the sport that inspire me, so a lot of my work shows that side of my passion.

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Why Holroyd Design

Passion In Every Piece

Unlike many companies I pride myself on putting everything into my work, whether big or small every design has an impact and I put everything into making sure it's a lasting one.

Nothing Too Big or Too Small

No matter what peice I'm working on you can expect the same perfectionist point of view, ensuring the smallest of logos or biggest marketing campaign has stunning work.

A Personal Experience

I make sure you know exactly how your work is going every step of the way, from initial sketches until the finished product, with your feedback; your vision influences every stage of your product.